What to do when a family member passes away

When one of our clients passes away it is important that the family contacts us. We will update our records, on receipt of a death certificate, which will ensure that we do not unwittingly try to contact the deceased. Furthermore, there is only one original copy of a legally valid Will; this will be their latest, signed and attested Will. We can help advise on their last Will so you can ensure that the estate is being distributed according to their final wishes.

In some cases, we may be storing the original, legally valid Will. Due to confidentiality, we will need sight of a death certificate before we can release a Will. We must also receive a letter signed by all of the executors stating where they would like the Will to be sent. All executors can either sign the same letter, or write individual letters requesting the Will to be sent to one address. Furthermore, we will also need copies of the executors’ IDs: a copy of their passport or driving licence is acceptable.

If you are unsure as to who the executors are in the Will, please do not hesitate to contact us and after sight of the death certificate, we can normally advise you further.

Another key reason to contact us is regarding the content of the Will. We can arrange for a Consultant to visit to discuss the Will, the deceased’s estate and advise on what will need to happen next. Our Consultant will take into consideration any assets such as jointly owned assets and how these will need to be processed.

There may also be a trust in the Will, which needs to be set up upon death. All of this work is usually known as “probate” although really it is “Estate Administration”. Many people think that this work can only be done by a Solicitor. However, there is an alternative. We work with an affiliate trust corporation which specialises in estate administration and probate. Together, we will oversee the whole process, putting your mind at ease during an already difficult time. Furthermore, fees are on average, 15% less than those charged by a High Street Solicitor.

We offer “estate administration” services to both existing clients and as well as to those who have not used our services to create a Will. If you would like to find out more about this or if you would like a Consultant to visit you please contact us.

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