Signing your Will

Signing and Storing your Will

Once deciding to have a Will created it is important to have it signed correctly. You should read over your Will just before signing it so that you are sure it reflects your wishes.

If you and your spouse/partner are signing your Wills at the same time then check you are signing your Will and not your spouse’s or partner’s Will by mistake.

You will need two independent witnesses. They should not be related to you and not related to anyone benefiting from your Will.

You should date and sign your Will in front of your two independent witnesses. Then they should each sign your Will to show that they witnessed you signing your Will. The three of you should be together throughout the process.

You then need to store your Will somewhere safe and preferably in a fire-resistant environment.

Casey & Associates offers a number of options concerning signing and storage:


  • Two members of Casey & Associates can visit you and can act as your witnesses


  • You can visit the offices of Casey & Associates and two members of Casey & Associates can act as your witnesses


  • You can arrange your own signing and then send your Will to Casey & Associates so that it can be checked that the signing was carried out correctly


  • You can arrange your own signing and opt for the signing not to be checked by Casey & Associates (we do not recommend this option)


  • You can opt for Casey & Associates to store your Will. If you select this service we scan the Will before placing it into our fire resistant storage facility and then either email or post you a copy of the signed Will
  • You can opt to store your Will if you wish. If you do please make sure that it is stored in a fire resistant environment.
  • You need to make sure that your executors know where your Will is stored.

It is most important that you carry out the signing process correctly. An error might lead to your Will being rejected by the probate court.

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