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Preparing for a visit from a Casey & Associates Consultant

If you are either an existing client, or a prospective client and you have elected to have a visit from one of our Consultants please see below the number of ways to prepare for your visit.

Our Consultant will always ask to see a form of photo ID such as your passport or driving licence. This is so that our Consultant can be sure who they are discussing affairs with. There are a surprising number of occasions in our industry where someone tries to impersonate someone else and make a Will on the other person’s behalf. You can probably guess who the main (or only) beneficiary is intended to be in such circumstances!

It is important to obtain a full picture of current and recent family members. Someone who has previously been a widow or widower and then remarried may be entitled to extra Inheritance Tax allowances. It is also really important to distinguish between children/stepchildren and grandchildren/children of stepchildren. This can affect the way that assets are distributed.

Whilst we do not need to see bank statements, it is useful to have in mind an overview of your estate (such as shares, ISA’s, property, bank accounts etc.). Our Consultant will also need to know who owns the family home and how, and an approximate value. All this is so that our Consultant can give you the best possible personalised advice for your circumstances.

Prior to our visit, it is important to consider who you would like to leave your estate to. If you are a couple, would you like to pass your estate to each other in the first instance? If your partner pre-deceases you, who would you like to inherit? As well as thinking about who you would like to inherit from your estate, it is equally as important to consider how much, or what percentage you would like them to inherit. This can be a particularly difficult, lengthy decision for blended families so it is advisable to have a rough idea before our Consultant visits.

Will you want to discuss Trusts with our Consultant? Trusts play an important part in protecting assets between the death of the first and the death of the second of a couple.

You may also wish to consider who you would like as your executors. Executors are the people you nominate to distribute your estate after you have passed. These are often people you trust such as family members and must be over the age of 18. Whilst this is something our Consultant will discuss with you, if you are still unsure as to whom you would like to appoint, we can suggest professionals we work with who can act as your executors. Please see here for more information regarding choosing your executors and trustees.

If you have children under the age of 18, it is important to consider and discuss guardians. This can be a sensitive and important discussion, and not a decision to be rushed. You may wish to even discuss this with the people you believe you would like to nominate before doing so.

Our Consultant will also discuss Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) documents with you. Have you thought about appointing somebody to look after your affairs if you are otherwise unable to do so? If you would like more information regarding LPAs prior to our Consultant’s arrival, please click here to read the experience of one of our clients.

If you are an existing client, you may wish to read through your Will prior to our Consultant’s visit. This may help to refresh your memory as to your current wishes and also give you the opportunity to note any change in circumstances that may result in you wishing to amend your Will. It is also recommended that you have any paperwork from us available for our Consultant to review upon their arrival. If you are storing your Will yourself, it may be useful to have this to hand so that the Consultant can check the attestation and ensure the Will is valid.

If you would like an appointment with one of our Consultants or if you have further questions regarding a Consultant visit, please telephone 01732 868190 or click here.

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