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Keeping in touch and Will storage

Whilst creating a Will is extremely important, it is also vital that it remains current as circumstances change throughout your lifetime. As a valued client of Casey & Associates you will know that we are members of the Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners (SOWW): the country’s largest regulatory body in relation to the Will Writing industry. SOWW guidelines recommend that Wills should be reviewed approximately every three years in order to ensure that your Will still reflects your circumstances and wishes and that the advice you received when writing your Will has not been superseded by changes in legislation.

Our appointments team are in touch with each of our clients every three years to offer the opportunity for one of our Consultants to visit and review the Will and circumstances. There is no charge for this service. To be able to contact you, however, we need your most up to date contact details. If you have moved, or any of your contact details have changed, please do not hesitate to get in touch. This can be done via our website by clicking here. You may prefer to telephone us on 01732 868190.

As well as us needing to contact you, it is important that your family, executors, trustees and attorneys know to contact us and how to do it. Once your Will has been created, it is vital to inform your executors of where it is located. Sometimes Wills get misplaced and as a result, it is deemed that the individual has passed away intestate. At Casey & Associates, we currently offer secure storage for life for £100+VAT per Will. As well as this giving you peace of mind, it is also beneficial for your Executors as they will know where the Will is when the time comes. We also offer an estate administration service to help all executors and trustees at what will be an already difficult time.

Every client can send their Will to us when it has been attested (signed and witnessed) for us to check. Wills sent to us for storage are scanned before they are placed in our secure store. If there are any issues regarding the attestation of your Will, we will notify you so they may be resolved. This gives you further piece of mind that you have a legally signed and valid Will in place.

Should you wish to contact us regarding securely storing your Will, you may do so by clicking this link or you can telephone us on 01732 868190.

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