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You do not need to change your Will if the name or address of someone in your Will changes. The most important thing is that they can be uniquely identified.

Usually more than one executor/trustee is best. If one loses capacity or dies then consider updating your Will.

Do you have a “Nil Rate Band Trust” in your Will? If so it may no longer be best advice.

Our Wills nearly always cater for one of your beneficiaries dying. Sometimes this means that your gift will go to that person’s child or children. Is that what you want?

If you move please let us have your new contact details. How should you buy your new property? Joint tenants or tenants in common? Please telephone our client services team on 01732 868190 for advice.

Where is your Will? If it cannot be found when you die, effectively, you do not have a Will. Consider storing your Will with us. We have fire resistant cabinets. We have monthly or one off lifetime payment options. Please call our client services team. Do your executors know where your Will is stored?

Do you have Lasting Powers of Attorney? Are they registered? Where are they kept? Do your attorneys know where they are kept?

Do you have an ICE (in case of emergency) file? Do your family know who to contact if something happens to you? Insurances/Death in Service payments/Pensions/Advisors etc.? Are your nomination forms “up to date”? Have you considered who to nominate if you are in a second marriage and have children from your first marriage?

Have you made a list of bank/savings/investment account numbers?

What arrangements have you made regarding passwords?

A little bit of planning can save a lot of heartache.

If you would like to meet with one of our Consultants to discuss any of the issues raised in this article or any other Estate Planning topic please telephone 01732 868190 or click here.

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