House keeping and house moving

It is most important to keep your Estate Planning documents (Will/Lasting Power of Attorney/Trust/Land Registry) under constant review. We offer our clients a review in the comfort of their home every three years; at our cost. We strongly recommend you accept our offer when you receive contact from our appointments team.

In addition, please contact us if something in your life changes. Executors may pass away ~ Guardians may move abroad ~ Family members may lose capacity or pass away. We are always pleased to review your current documents and circumstances (providing you live in the area we cover – please click here). If you live outside of the area we cover we can usually recommend a skilled and professional practitioner to you.

Does your spouse/partner/family know where your papers are in the event of an emergency? Not just your Estate Planning documents but insurance papers/investments/death in service providers/contact details etc?

If you are an existing client please contact us if you move home. Not only so that we have your up to date contact details but also so that we can discuss with you whether best advice is to purchase your new property as joint tenants or tenants in common. For further advice please do not hesitate to contact us on 01732 868190 or click here.

If you are not an existing client we would be pleased to carry out a review of your circumstances and your Will if you have one. To arrange a no-obligation appointment at our cost please contact us on 01732 868190 or click here.

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