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Funeral Wishes & Organ Donation

Funeral wishes can be simple or complex. One place to note your wishes is in a Will. When creating a Will, it is a prime time to consider your wishes. By denoting them in a Will, it makes it easier for your family to ensure your wishes are being upheld.

You may also want to consider if you would like any flowers at your funeral. If not, you may wish for charitable donations to be made instead. By stating in your Will that you do not wish to have any flowers, your family will feel comfortable knowing this is what you wanted. You can also state particular charities that you may wish to receive donations, or you may state that the charities can be decided by the guests attending your funeral.

You may wish to note further instructions in your Will, such as where you wish to be buried or where you want your ashes scattered. You may note that you wish to have an environmentally friendly green burial or that you wish for the least amount of money to be spent as possible.

If you wish for your organs to be donated you can advise as such in your Will. You can also state if there are any organs that you do not wish to be used, for example your eyes or your heart. The law is changing in 2020 for organ donation. All adults will be deemed to have opted in for organ donation unless they have opted out. You will not be opted in if you have lived in England for less than 12 months prior to your death or if you lack the mental capacity to have understood the change in law or take the necessary action. This makes it more important to ensure that your family and friends know your wishes, which can be done when creating a Will.

You may want to complete your funeral planning by purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan. You can make all of your arrangements yourself removing this daunting task from your loved ones. You can choose the level of service you would like and pay for the majority or all of the fees ahead of time.  Casey & Associates offers a range of market leading pre-paid funeral plans.

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