Free, No-Obligation Advice

Many people suspect there is some sort of “catch” because we carry out free, no-obligation consultations. The phrase “you don’t get something for nothing” is often used. The fact is, we recognise that when it comes to Wills and Estate Planning, there is a general apathy like no other. Most people accept that, at some point, making a Will and putting one’s estate in order is a necessity. However, it is often the case that a conservatory, triple-glazing or a block-paved drive are given priority when it comes to what disposable income is spent on.

So, if Casey & Associates didn’t offer to come and see you on a no-obligation basis, when else would you realistically get around to addressing the very important matter of getting your Estate Planning affairs in order? Next month? Next year? Will you even do it in time?

The main reasons people do not address their Estate Planning requirements are as follows:

(1) My children don’t see eye-to-eye. What kind of Will should I write for the best?
(2) My ex-spouse still owns part of my home. What should I do about that in my Will?
(3) My situation is so complex, I think it would be impossible for anyone to help me.
(4) I don’t think I will understand all the jargon involved in making a Will.
(5) I don’t have the time to visit a solicitor to have a Will written.

Years of experience in the Estate Planning sector tells us that, in the majority of cases, people have no real understanding of just how much they can control what happens to their assets and how they can be dealt with in whatever way is required. That is the fundamental reason why we are more than happy to offer free, no-obligation consultations. People are so pleased to learn how much control they can have over their assets and how straightforward and easy to understand our advice is, that the number of people who decide to give us their valued business makes our efforts worthwhile. Everyone wins!

The bottom line is, however complicated your situation may seem, trust us when we say that in over ten years in our industry we have seen it all! So get in touch and let us help you to put your affairs in order, exactly how you want them, so that you can get on with the rest of your life.

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