Face to face meetings

At Casey & Associates we try and maintain world class levels of client satisfaction and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. This starts with one of our Consultants visiting you in the comfort of your own home to offer you expert, friendly, face to face advice.

There are numerous reasons why we like to meet with our clients in person. Firstly, we need to ensure we carry out all relevant identity checks. We do this not only to ensure you are who you say you are, but also to ensure we comply with money laundering legislation.

As well as this, we feel it is important that the instructions you give us truly reflect your true wishes. Whilst we welcome other family members or friends being present at the meeting, it is important that our Consultant meets with you in person to ensure your decisions are not being influenced by another person and you are not being coerced in any way. Sometimes, our Consultant will ask to see you, our Client, alone.

Furthermore, our Consultant needs to ensure that you have mental capacity at the time of making a Will or Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA). The only way to gain a true reflection is during a face to face meeting. Our Consultants participate in regular training and throughout your meeting will be assessing your mental capacity.

At Casey & Associates we like to keep in touch with our clients. The Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners (SOWW), the country’s largest regulatory body in relation to the Will writing industry, recommends that Wills should be reviewed approximately every three years. This is to ensure that their content is still relevant to the client concerned and that the advice they received when writing their Will has not been superseded by changes in legislation. As members of the SOWW, our appointments team will be in touch with each of our clients every three years to offer a review meeting. Clients can write in with any minor amendments they need but if there is a substantial change in circumstances that requires more significant amendments we do recommend another face to face visit from one of our trained Consultants.

Should you be interested in receiving a visit from one of our Consultants, please click here.

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