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The importance of storing your Will securely

If you want your wishes to be adhered to when you pass away, then you should record your wishes in a Last Will and Testament. A legally valid, attested (signed in front of two witnesses) Will means that your estate should pass to those whom you decide to receive it and your estate will not be distributed according to the Laws of Intestacy.

However, simply creating a Will is not always enough. Your Will needs to be stored securely so that it can be located and used when you pass away.

At Casey & Associates we offer a secure storage facility and can store your Will on your behalf until either you, or your executors, request for it to be released. Our storage facility is fire resistant giving you extra peace of mind. If you are storing your Wills at home, a similar storage facility should be used. You should store your Wills where they cannot get damaged, either by fire or water.

As well as ensuring your Will is stored securely, it is also extremely important to inform your executors or close relatives and friends where your Will is being stored; whether this is in a safe location at home, with a bank, or with us. If your Will cannot be located after you pass away, you will have deemed to have died intestate and your wishes may not be adhered to.

Furthermore, if you wish to leave letters advising your executors of any special requests for any chattels such as furniture or jewellery, as well as any advice on funeral wishes, these should also be stored with, but not attached to, your Will.

If you would like more information regarding our storage service or would like to meet with one of our Consultants to discuss any Estate Planning topic please telephone 01732 868190 or click here.

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