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Preparing for a consultation

How should I prepare?  In order to get the most from your consultation, give your estate planning requirements some thought prior to your Consultant’s visit and list the most pertinent questions so you don’t miss anything out. This will best enable your Consultant to tailor his advice to your specific needs and ensure that all of […]

Funeral wishes

According to one report a quarter of deaths in the UK lead to family disputes, and over a fifth of these disputes concern the final resting place of the deceased’s ashes or coffin. Many disputes reach their peak during the funeral itself. With the number of second marriages increasing this trend is likely to continue. […]

Free, no-obligation consultations

The phrase “you don’t get something for nothing” is well used and, in most cases, it is true. However, such is the apathy among the general public towards making a Will, the fact is if Casey & Associates didn’t offer to visit potential clients on a no-obligation basis there may well be thousands of people […]

DIY Wills – a recipe for disaster

In any given week Casey & Associates consultants meet with a wide cross-section of society; young and old, existing clients and prospective clients alike. A common situation we come across where prospective clients don’t feel that they require professional assistance in preparing a Will is that they have already written a Will themselves. However, under normal […]

A right of occupancy trust

If you are the sole owner of a property, you may have definite plans that your children or another beneficiary will inherit your home once you have died. However, you may have someone living with you that you would not wish to see homeless were you to predecease them; a spouse, partner, elderly relative or […]

A lot of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. but no Will

When the undisputed “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin died earlier this year after a short illness, the music world was in mourning. Over a career that spanned decades, Franklin amassed hit after hit and a considerable fortune along the way. As Franklin’s career blossomed over the years with her bank account growing and growing, she […]