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DIY Wills

We are professional Will writers. However, we accept that if your requirements are uncomplicated you may decide to create a “DIY” Will. But please be careful. Here is an example of a “DIY” Will that could, indeed would, have gone horribly wrong. (We have changed the names of those involved). Mr Smith had created a […]

Funeral Wishes & Organ Donation

Funeral wishes can be simple or complex. One place to note your wishes is in a Will. When creating a Will, it is a prime time to consider your wishes. By denoting them in a Will, it makes it easier for your family to ensure your wishes are being upheld. You may also want to […]

Daughter ordered to take DNA test to prove she has an interest in her late father’s estate

Colin Birtles died without a Will in 2013. He was survived by his two daughters, Lorraine Freeman and Janice Nield-Moir. Unbeknown to her elder sister, Mrs Freeman successfully applied for letters of administration to enable her to manage and distribute his estate, amounting to his terraced house in Oldham and a small amount of cash. […]

What is a Letter of Wishes?

When writing a Will, it’s important that you get your wishes down for who should be appointed as executors, trustees or guardians and how your estate should be distributed in a binding fashion. But what about your more general wishes for your estate, or for your children? There are so many uses for a “letter […]

The risk of miscalculating Inheritance Tax due to HMRC

The Telegraph reported that ordinary individuals inheriting assets from overseas could risk criminal charges if they miscalculate the tax owed. New legislation was introduced in 2016 which meant that beneficiaries who inherit offshore money could see their income wiped out completely due to new penalties and punishments. The clampdown is part of HMRC’s latest attempt […]