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The cost of NOT making a Will

John and Jane Smith had worked hard and been successful in life. They had two daughters rather late in life. Their large family home on the outskirts of London was their pride and joy. The two girls were both at university when John was taken ill and died. John and Jane had been funding the […]

Intestate Musicians

Writing a Will is extremely important. It gives certainty to your loved ones after you have passed away. It can also help reduce inheritance tax and protect your assets. Without a valid Will, it could be up to the courts to decide who gets your assets when you have gone. Below are examples of some […]

Reviewing your Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) should be reviewed on a regular basis; just like Wills. It is important to check that your LPAs are still “fit for purpose” and reflect your wishes. If an attorney passes away, you must inform the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) however, you should also look at how many […]

Children in blended families

Blended families are increasingly more common with one in three people in the UK now being a step-parent, step-child or step–sibling. Whilst step-families are now a part of everyday life, both parents and step-parents can often be unaware of the legal implications of such relationships with regard to succession law and planning. In a Will […]

House keeping and House moving

It is most important to keep your Estate Planning documents (Will/Lasting Power of Attorney/Trust/Land Registry) under constant review. We offer our clients a review in the comfort of their home every three years; at our cost. We strongly recommend you accept our offer when you receive contact from our appointments team. In addition, please contact […]

Have you reviewed your Estate Planning?

Whether you are an existing client of ours or a client with another firm, it is important to review your estate planning every few years. This is because circumstances are ever-changing and what may have been best for you when you created your Will may no longer be appropriate. You may have a Will created […]

An LPA for any occasion

Lasting Powers of Attorney ~ Case Study 1 Existing client Wendy telephoned us in the middle of last year. Wendy advised us that her husband, Harry, had been diagnosed with early onset dementia and ask for a consultant to visit. Our consultant met Wendy and Harry a few days later at their home. We advised […]